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Paradigm Spark

Class - Interactive Coffee Tasting

Class - Interactive Coffee Tasting

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Interactive Coffee Tasting Class:

We are excited to announce a new monthly event with Kobe and Josh. We appreciate that every coffee drinker has their own favorite ways to enjoy coffee. This could be in different styles of brewing or as simple as enjoying your coffee black or not. They will be brewing different coffees to guide you to your favorite types of coffees and to find out your drinking preferences. They will also be exploring fun and creative ways to enjoy coffee that are different from usual cafe items. 

Session 1:

  • Tasting different types of coffee Sharing and discussing about flavours

Session 2:

  • Unique ways to enjoy coffee Event 

Class info:

  • Class starts at 6:30pm, 2 hours class 
  • $45 / person, maximum 6 people


Special offer for class participants:

-10% off all coffee bag purchases on the day of the class 

Cancellation/refunds offered up until 3 days before class date

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