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We are excited to announce the very first competition organized by Paradigm Spark in Calgary!


Join us for a skill-focused brewing competition on July 20th. Below is a details about the competition.

Competition Summary:
- Date: July 20th, 2024
- Time: 5 PM - 9 PM
- Practice Coffee Release: July 8th (250g)

Competition Format:
- Use up to 50g of coffee (no minimum required)
- Serve 1 brew, minimum 300g
- 3 minutes for preparation
- 7 minutes for competition
- 5 minutes for judging, cleaning
- Judged by 5 sensory judges

Winner receives 1 free coffee per day for 3 months

Important Dates:
- Sign up by July 7th Sunday
- Practice coffee available on July 8th, Monday
- Competition on July 20th, 5 PM - 9 PM


Additional Information

Participants will use the same official coffee. After signing up, competitors can pick up 250g of practice beans on July 8th from our cafe. You’ll have 13 days to perfect your brewing method. On the competition day, you'll receive another 50g of coffee from the same batch.

Competition Day Details:
- 3 minutes for setup
- 7 minutes for brewing and presentation
- Serve a minimum of 300g of coffee

Judging Criteria:
Evaluated by 5 sensory judges on the following categories:
- Flavour (x3)
- Acidity (x1)
- Texture/Mouthfeel (x2)
- Aftertaste (x1)
- Balance (x2)
- Overall (x4)
*Each category is scored 0-10, with final scores standardized to a 0-100 scale.

Provided Equipment:
- 3 x Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle
- 2 x Acaia Pearl Scale
- 1 x Acaia Lunar Scale
- 1 x Fellow Ode Grinder
- 1 x Mythos Clima Grinder
- Hario Switch
- Aeropress
- April Brewer
- Kinto 4 Cup Brewer
- Hario V60 Paper Filter
- Kalita Flat Bottom Paper Filter
- Aeropress Paper Filter

Competitors are welcome to bring their own equipment, tools and water. We look forward to seeing you showcase your brewing skills!

*competitor Q&A session will be scheduled.

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