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Class - Espresso Essentials

Class - Espresso Essentials

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Espresso Essentials Class:

Break the hurdles of home espresso making with our Espresso Essentials class! Unlike other coffee brewing methods, espresso requires multiple variables to consider and experiment with. Our Espresso Essentials class focuses on sorting out the primary variables and teaches you how to adjust them in order to make a great espresso.


  • General knowledge of flavour perception
  • How coffee flavour changes from the earlier to later extraction
  • Basic espresso tools and how those impact


  • General knowledge of variables
  • Taste and compare
  • Basic knowledge of flavour evaluation

Class info:

  • Class starts at 6:30pm, 1.5 hours class
  • $130 / person, maximum 2 people


Special offer for class participants:

-10% off all coffee bag purchases on the day of the class

Cancellation/refunds offered up until 3 days before class date

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